There are days when teachers deliver lessons our students will never forget. We call those days “Thursday.”

Or “Tuesday” or “Friday.” Occasionally, even “Monday.” The fact is, every day at SAS is filled with engaging and inspiring learning. And our faculty are the ones who make it happen. We attract and retain leading educators who share and embody the school's Mission, creating a passion for lifelong learning – every day at SAS.




Our faculty stay at SAS for 5.5 years on average. International school teachers by nature like exploring the world; when they get to SAS, they hit the pause button for a while.



Continuous Learning

100% of SAS faculty are engaged in professional learning. Part of our Mission is to inspire lifelong learning in our students. Our faculty not only teach it, they practice it.



Our faculty have taught in 78 countries. “American” is our middle name. But the experience our teachers bring to SAS is very international.


Well Resourced

There are 378 faculty members at SAS, which assures proper attention and support for each student.




Over 73% of our faculty arrive at SAS already having earned post-graduate degrees. 267 of our faculty members hold Master’s degrees




Faculty members stay almost three times longer than their original contract. It’s just hard to beat an inspiring environment in a dynamic city filled with intellectually curious students.