“I believe I’ve found a community who will support me to pursue my dream of video-making on YouTube.” 

At SAS, students find courage to live their dreams everywhere: the soccer pitch, the science lab, the stage. For Vivian ’24, it was in the school magazine Ascent. While reading, she learned about two SAS alumni, Ellen ’13 and Brian ’13, who have over one million subscribers on their dance-themed YouTube channel. She thought that if they reached that milestone, maybe it was possible for her too. That bit of inspiration has kept Vivian making her own videos until today about topics she cared about — the transition between middle and high school, self-care, and saving the planet. Down in the comments section, her classmates shower her with admiration and praise. Teachers in the hallways often refer to her as ‘The YouTube Queen’. At SAS, your child will find a supportive community, whatever their interest may be.   

“I wish I would’ve gone here when I was a kid.”


Presenting Shanghai American School

It seems that no matter what SAS visitors are looking for in the school, they come away with the same conclusion: “I wish I would’ve gone to school here when I was a kid.” It’s an understandable observation. Because the educational experience of SAS excels in many ways. Looking for a rigorous academic environment that can prepare your child for some of the world’s most laudable colleges, universities and fine arts programs? You can find that here. Seeking a philosophy that will nurture your child both inside and outside the classroom? Let us tell you about our dozens of clubs, service learning opportunities, and sports teams that range from participatory up to a varsity-level program that has earned 101 APAC championships. Searching for top facilities? Ours are unmatched in Shanghai, and our not-for-profit status means all revenue that goes into the school stays in the school, continually making the SAS experience even better. All of which has caused more than a few alumni to return to campus, look around, and say, “I wish I was still in school here.”

Signature Programs

Learning doesn’t stop at the campus gates.


Only at SAS

Imagine going to school one day, and coming home a month later. Imagine having an epic senior experience, even before you become a senior. Imagine learning to scuba dive, just so you can help preserve nature. These moments describe some of the Signature Programs that were created exclusively by and for SAS. And they’re just a few reasons why an SAS education is truly unmatched.

Our Campuses

As a not-for-profit, all revenue goes back into our school. Here’s proof.


Each campus features a 600+ seat Performing Arts Center

News + Events

Pudong ES Virtual Group Tour (PK-G5) CHINESE

08:30 - 09:30 a.m.

Puxi ES Virtual Group Tour (PK-G5) CHINESE

08:30 - 09:30 a.m.

Pudong ES Virtual Group Tour (PK-G5) ENGLISH

08:30 a.m. - 09:30 a.m.

Puxi ES Virtual Group Tour (PK-G5) ENGLISH

08:30 a.m. - 09:30 a.m.

May Holiday
Last Day of School
Dragon Boat Festival

Activities at SAS

An SAS education is not simply defined by what happens inside a classroom.


SAS students are guided by the Eagle Code whose founding principles are Gratitude, Respect, and Engagement.

Meet a Family



Meet the Namans



Shanghai is the Namans’ first experience living abroad as a whole family. At SAS, each of their unique kids have journeyed from transition to thriving.





Originally from the Netherlands, the Abens are seasoned expats who know how to seize opportunities and community. Luckily, Shanghai and SAS provide plenty of both.

Affiliations + Accreditations

Our History

With a history that began in 1912, SAS is Shanghai’s most storied international school.


Since 1912, SAS has inspired students from twelve different locations.