Elementary School

"The teachers help you get better and better and better, and they make it fun."
— SAS Student

In the elementary years, your child is building a core foundation for the years ahead. At the heart of this is literacy, and the ways it is infused throughout all subject areas, as well as a deep, conceptual approach to math. Meanwhile, as student interests grow by leaps and bounds, their health, well-being, and curiosity are supported with endless opportunities for exploration, from construction in the maker spaces to performances on the stage. Students will further their work with the transdisciplinary skills of SAS, evident in the ways they continue to develop into critical thinkers, effective collaborators, skillful communicators, creative learners, and ethical global citizens, in preparation for the opportunities and growth ahead in Middle School and beyond.



Opportunities for independence, responsibility, and global citizenship around every corner.
Eagle Park: where learning spaces seem to grow right out of the ground. (PX)