Middle School

"What do I like about middle school? I just love how we learn."
— SAS Student

Here in the SAS middle school, our problem-based learning approach combined with a love of innovation and inquiry will propel your child into new levels of independence and thinking. As from the start, education here is intentionally designed and student-centered. Alongside a robust academic experience in the classroom this is also a time of incorporating thoughtful experiential learning beyond the gates of SAS. In fact, many of our Signature Programs have been designed specifically for the middle school years, extending the ways we engage our students, their budding interests, and their growing sense of self. Building their self-efficacy and awareness prepares them to become masters of their own learning during Middle School, with everything needed to be ready for their last four years at SAS.

Working together to build the skills needed to thrive in high school.
Our robotics teams gain serious momentum during these years.