We embed tech into our stories, our math, our arts, sciences, and languages, and, of course, our robots.

At Shanghai American School, technology is integrated into teaching and learning in age-appropriate ways across every grade level and subject. SAS follows ISTE Standards, an internationally-recognized framework designed to prepare students for success in a connected, digital world. In addition to foundational technology skills, ISTE standards foster creativity, communication, collaboration, innovation, and computational thinking. We also promote Digital Citizenship, which encompasses safe, ethical, and legal use of technology and social interactions involving technology.


What technology will my child have access to?

  • SAS is a Mac school. All hardware and software is age and grade-level appropriate for students’ needs.
  • For Elementary School, classrooms are equipped with shared iPads and laptops at age-appropriate levels. Robotics in Elementary School includes equipment like Beebots, Spheros (rolling drones) Lego Wedos and EV3 Mindstorms, and Ozobots, and technology varies by grade level and campus. Elementary School robotics helps students to develop computational thinking and is incorporated into core curriculum units where appropriate. Students have opportunities to access additional technology through our FIRST Robotics program.
  • In Middle and High Schools, students use family-provided laptops. Students have opportunities to access additional technology through our Center for Innovation and Design, Maker Space, Design Studio, FIRST Robotics program, IB Film, and Computer Science courses.

Does SAS provide technology or is my family expected to purchase technology for my child?

  • All Middle and High School students are required to bring their own Macbook laptop.
  • SAS provides additional technology resources for all students, including (but not limited to) digital design tools, film production equipment and fully equipped maker spaces.

What are the equipment specifications required for the Macbooks?

  • Specifications can be found here
Harnessing power, ingenuity, and wind from an early age.
As our students grow smarter and more complex, so follow their robots.