Our People

Our faculty, administration, and Board of Trustees are tirelessly dedicated to serving our constituents. Even the ones who act like three-year olds.

One of the many benefits of our non-for-profit status is the ability to focus on what matters most – our students. To serve them best, we start with the right people – those who have a substantial educational background, a zeal for continuous improvement, a willingness to take the risks required to turn dreams into reality, and the energy that carries them above and beyond expectations. We then guide their efforts with a Mission that provides foundational support for the growth of our students: Inspiring in each of them a lifelong passion for learning; a commitment to act with integrity and compassion; and the courage to live their dreams. The success of this approach can be seen in our innovative Signature Programs and the collaboration between the academic and operational sides of the school. Most importantly, it can be seen in the smiles on our students’ faces.


These are our shareholders.