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This is merely a sample of all the events and activities at SAS.

SAS in Stories

TheTen: That Day The Whole Grade Failed

Over the past two weeks we hosted TheTen, sending our Grade 10 students on four days packed with activities ranging from sailing to movie-making. What was beneath these fun-filled itineraries? Building those essential human skills that can elevate their whole education. But don’t tell them that.  

TheNine: That Day We Launched Into High School

Over the past two weeks we have been hosting every Grade 9 SAS student on TheNine: a 4-day, outside-the-classroom adventure experience to help them build their identities as individuals and as a grade level.  

SAS Snapshots


Nothing better than a little friendly competition between our sister campuses. 

Swing, batter, batter, swing. 

Our PD and PX volleyball teams waiting for their match to start. 

Showing off our eagle pride. 

Scavenger hunts are more fun with paper towel, we mean very high-tech telescopes. 

Ta-da. The reveal of Cafe '23.

Playground fun on our Pudong campus. 

Don't you wish you were an elementary kid again?

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