Check Out Our Summer Glow-Up

Just because our facilities are amazing doesn’t mean they can’t get even better. This summer saw transformations in spaces on both campuses and all divisions.  

While they didn’t mind sharing, the DREAMS lab and Robotics classroom now have their own designated spaces in Pudong.

At SAS Pudong, play time for elementary students has been taken to a whole new level with the final phase of the revamped play areas surrounded by a designated scooter lane. Among the diverse flora planted in the additional green space are indigenous Shanghai plants for students to study during science lessons. High school science classrooms are now equipped with additional safety designs and connectors to elements needed for experiments such as gas. And if you’re wondering if we’re trying to signal UFOs with that stop light on the roof, don’t worry, we’re just closely keeping an eye on the air quality. Having embraced the spirit of sharing before, the DREAMS lab and Robotics classroom now have their own separate spaces.  

Phase 3 of Pudong’s ES playground upgrade has been completed, with lots of greenery and play areas with specific functions. There are designated climbing, running and riding areas – perfect for the little ones to master various skills.


The revamped science classrooms at Pudong campus now have desks that are heat and chemical resistant with integrated electrical power.

Shifting gears to Puxi campus, elementary bathrooms got a facelift with a splash of color. Faucets were lowered and countertops shortened for our tiniest students. They were also happy to discover that their recess and outside play time will no longer be cut short with long trips to the bathroom since they can now enter right from outside. The middle school gym has new performance flooring with extra safety features imported all the way from France, making it a lot harder to slip and slide and injure yourself. 

The PX ES bathrooms are sized perfectly for preschoolers, including lever faucets for little hands. Being able to now access them from outside was a pleasant surprise for both students and teachers when they returned to campus.


The new high performance PX MS gym floors have enhanced safety with an added cushion layer for better durability and shock and slip resistance.

All the classrooms and some of the common spaces on both campuses are now lighter and brighter with new blue light filters that reduce eye strain. While the warmer color temperature doesn’t exactly make it feel like the beach, it has been shown to enhance learning. 


The new premium lighting in the classrooms and common areas of both campuses now mirror a more natural light, with an adjustment to a warmer color temperature, which helps to enhance learning.

These are just some of the awesome upgrades on our campuses and there’s loads more to come in the future. Stay tuned. 

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