Our Story

To choose the right school, start by looking at the choices the school has made for itself.

Schools are a reflection of the paths they’ve chosen to take. At SAS we chose to believe students can only reach their full potential if they’re engaged, challenged, and inspired not just inside the classroom, but outside as well. We chose to be a not-for-profit, believing students would be better served if we focused on education, not balance sheets. We chose to create a Mission that would not merely be hung on a wall, but would serve as a guiding light to inform our actions every day. And in the spirit of a history that began 111 years ago, we chose to recognize that while our past can inform, it’s our future that truly inspires. These choices have made our school a wonderful place to learn and we hope they also make SAS the right choice for you.


What does a day at Shanghai American School look like? Well, something like this. Life at SAS is filled with thousands of such moments, that engage, challenge, and inspire not only our students, but all of those that work here and call this community home.

With a history that began in 1912, Shanghai American School is the most storied international school in Shanghai.



SAS has two beautiful campuses to serve a breadth of families on each side of Shanghai.





Our story over the years: Annual Reports by Shanghai American School.

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