Peek Into A Crash Course in Physics

Ever wondered what it's like to be a crash-test dummy? Well, buckle up because in this episode of our Peek Into series, we're diving headfirst into the thrilling world of collision physics. We're not just talking about any old fender-benders here. We're measuring the impact force of a car crash—sans crumple zone. Sounds risky, right? But don't worry, our students are the ones firmly in the driver's seat. 

They're putting their knowledge of good ol' F=ma (force = mass x acceleration) to the test and merging into the fast lane with some fresh insights on momentum and impulse. They're calculating velocities, collision durations, momentums, and impact forces faster than you can say "airbag".  

You'll notice our teachers acting as guides on the sides, letting students lead the way and only step in for a quick pit-stop when needed. So, ready for a 60-second peek into this high-octane lesson? Strap in and let's go! 

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