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That Day When Alumni Tied the Knot

Hey Eagle fam, hold onto your AirPods because we've got some news to share. It turns out that our very own Andrew ’10 and Nafisah ’11 are officially off the market. They tied the knot in Mexico a few weeks ago and we couldn't be happier for them! Andrew and Nafisah attended Shanghai American School, but at different campuses, making their love story even more special.  


At SAS, Andrew and Nafisah received an education that prepared them for the future and helped them build lifelong friendships. They cherished their time at the school and the opportunities it gave them to grow as individuals. It was no surprise that they invited 16 of their former classmates and eight SAS parents to their wedding, as their experiences at SAS helped shape them into the multifaceted people they are today. It's like the old saying goes: "The couple that studies together, stays together." (We made that up.) 





Once upon a time, Andrew and Nafisah were just familiar faces at competitive sports tournaments. Nafisah played softball (shoutout to coach Mr. Hossack) and Andrew played rugby. “It was only until some of my buddies invited me to Pudong’s prom afterparty that we were formally introduced”. Since then, the couple dated all throughout university and 11 years later are living together in London as proud paw parents to Chico and Milo. 


Nafisah joined us back in Grade 10 and it didn't take long for her to make lifelong friends, like her maid of honor, Amy ‘11. “You can say SAS had a huge impact on my life because the friendships we made are still lasting and stronger than ever 13 years later,” she says. Fun fact: Nafisah was also active in choir at SAS and her singing skills are so impressive that Amy asked her to serenade her down the aisle at her wedding later this month! Looks like SAS not only gave Nafisah a great education but also a side hustle as a wedding singer. 

Aside from softball and singing practice, Nafisah also credits her Yearbook class and Mrs. Nakai for eventually leading her to a career in UX design. She has worked at top tech companies in Silicon Valley and London and has “Mrs. Nakai to thank for believing in [her] all those years ago.”   

Similarly, “SAS had a profound impact on my professional and personal life”, says Andrew. Playing varsity rugby at SAS not only ignited his love for sports, but it also introduced him to some incredible friends. When he moved to London for university, he even lived with fellow SAS alumnus and rugby teammate, Devan '08. That's what we call a true SAS family. Fast forward a few years and another SAS alumnus, Chewy ‘10, helped connect Andrew to landing a job at Google. Devan and Chewy (and many others) attended the wedding in Mexico. 

It’s no wonder Andrew is paying it forward and helping other alumni find jobs at tech companies such as Google. “It’s the strong connections made during my time at SAS that I’m most thankful for,” he says. 

The SAS community is one that endures and gets stronger long after graduation day, and Nafisah and Andrew are examples of that.  

As we raise our glass of organic green juice in their honor, we want to give a shoutout to Andrew and Nafisah for being true #relationshipgoals. Their love story is an inspiration to us all and proves that even in this crazy world, there's still hope for finding your lobster. Congrats, you two! 


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