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That Day Eagles Flocked Together In Seoul And Taipei

Recognize any of these faces? That’s because most of them were roaming around campus and worrying about college applications just five years ago. 

The SAS Puxi Class of 2018 gathered in Seoul a few weeks ago to celebrate their 5-year reunion. Most of these former Eagles are based in Korea completing degrees in economics, finance, biochemistry and music, among others or finishing up their military service. One ‘18 grad is serving in the Korean Air Force and will continue to study Film and Theatre in Seoul and the States. This group of Eagles is also in New York City and Hong Kong at NYU, Parsons and HKU studying design, journalism and industrial engineering. Talk about diverse fields and specializations. 

Graduates met the new Head of School James Nelligan for the first time as he sent some words of wisdom for the young adults via a selfie video, #nofilter. 

Two hours south by plane just before the lunar celebrations, we found a group of SAS alumni spanning the Classes of ’09 to ’15 in Taipei at a happy hour chapter event. Most of the grads were based in Taiwan working or even running businesses, but a few were visiting from Seattle, Pittsburg, and even Shanghai now that quarantine is history. 



Though none were from the same class, they soon discovered far fewer than six degrees of separation as most had at least a friend of a friend in common even across graduating classes. What everyone had in common (besides fangirling over the new SAS merch) was celebrating the Lunar New Year holiday with family… and collecting those hong baos, right? 

Sean’s (Class of ‘13) cat Phoenix in Seattle with the SAS swag he brought back from Taipei.

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