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That Day Alumni Eagles Played Bingo

What do you get when an entrepreneur, a teacher, and a technologist walk into a bar? Eagles returning to the nest, of course!



For the first time in two years, a group of SAS Alumni came together to reconnect and remember the good ol' days at a gathering downtown. 

The event saw alumni from graduating classes between 2003 to 2021 and who went on to attend 39 different universities around the world swoop in to tell exciting, touching, and enthralling stories about their lives since SAS. 



To get the event going and maximize mingling, we played a fun game of human bingo. The goal? Mark off squares on your bingo card by matching each attendee with one of many facts on the card, such as “who stole the bust of Juno?”, and “Who is the oldest attending alum?”



The winner of the game, Sharon Hu, got to pick the first prize from the lucky draw table, being the only player to fill in their entire card. She chose ever popular SAS swag as her reward. 



We want to thank Belle Zhang '14 and Kelvin Ip Class of '13 for your contributions to the lucky draw prizes. 

Reconnect. Everyday at SAS.

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