It’s easy to find the Admissions office at SAS. Just listen for the high-fives.

At SAS Admissions, we’re deeply committed to student success. So when we receive word we’ve enrolled a student we believe will thrive here, we get a little excited. And the enthusiasm is often returned: A high schooler who had blossomed through newfound friends, academic challenges, and the abundance of opportunities, stopped by simply to say, “Thank you for the chance to come to SAS.” While not all applications can end in a high-five, we’ll do our best to ensure the process is as smooth as possible. Welcome!

– Alice Li-Arndt, Director of Admissions


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Whether your family currently lives in Shanghai or will be relocating to this exciting city, we understand the importance of finding the right educational fit for your child. Our Admissions officers are committed to assisting you however we can and assuring the experience is as smooth as possible.

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