Meet a Family


If you think our school is impressive, you should meet our community.

Once our students graduate, they go “from here to anywhere.” Which makes sense, considering that when they arrive, they come from everywhere. Families from 44 countries on six different continents now call SAS home. Take a few moments to get to know some of them. Hear about how it feels to live in Shanghai, and learn about the SAS experience – all from the people who know it best.


Meet the Fellas

When the Fellas arrived to Shanghai from Germany, their daughter Sophie was already good at blues guitar. By the time she left, she was also pretty amazing at rugby, dance, soccer, and acting.


Meet the Lins

When the Lin family came to Shanghai from New Jersey, their daughter Julia had a budding interest in basketball. Six years later, she’s one of the most well-rounded high school student athletes on campus.

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