Innovative and Individualized Academics


SAS believes a vibrant academic program models innovation, nurtures students’ individual growth, and allows them to create personal pathways to success in school, in college, and in life.


SAS commits to engaging every student in innovative approaches to learning so they may thrive in a modern world.


In the next three to five years, SAS will:

  • Develop programs PreK-12 that leverage innovation in service of interdisciplinary and collaborative learning and support students in their individual pathways to success.
  • Provide students with greater flexibility and choice in designing individual learning pathways. This could include aligning Middle School and High School schedules on each campus, mixing ages in certain classes according to proficiency, providing credits for recognized and valid outside learning, revising graduation requirements, partnering with universities to give opportunities for dual enrollment courses in high school, etc.
  • Transform assessment at SAS to reflect innovative practices that enhance student learning and align with higher education expectations both for admission and success.
  • Enhance the school’s capacity to support all learners in developing their language proficiency and language identity, including continuing to strengthen the school’s EAL program and piloting a Mandarin Chinese bilingual program.
  • Invest in internal Research and Development, including relevant professional learning for faculty and staff, to foster a culture of innovation focused on student learning.