Our Campuses

Our Mission encourages students to “live their dreams.” Our campuses help make that possible.

SAS is the only international school in Shanghai where all revenue that comes into the school stays in the school – and it shows in our facilities. The results are two expansive campuses – our Pudong campus utilizes 23 acres; our Puxi campus spreads across 29 acres. Custom-built with university-level facilities that make SAS a popular host for conferences, tournaments, sports leagues, and events, each of our beautiful campuses feature an aquatic center, performing arts center, green screen rooms, recording studio, baseball field, softball field, track, playing fields, black box theaters, a teaching kitchen, training facilities, design studios/maker spaces, playgrounds, multiple libraries, cafeterias, lecture spaces, classrooms, and lots of other spaces for dreams to come to life.

Track, Baseball, and Softball Fields on each campus.