Our Beliefs

To learn about SAS’ Mission and Learning Goals, we recommend you just look around.

At SAS, the beliefs we hold and the goals we have come to life on a daily basis. Walk one of our beautiful campuses and you’ll see project-based, experiential, and service learning, after-school activities, and personalized counseling. You’ll see students bringing our Mission to life by gaining the courage to live their dreams. You’ll see faculty members demonstrating the fact that learning never stops. You’ll see a diverse group of students collaborating effectively, communicating skillfully, and thinking critically. And by the time they don the SAS cap and gown, you’ll see students who have evolved into ethical global citizens, poised and prepared to make the world around us a better place.


Upon graduation, each SAS student will exhibit five Learning Goals that we believe ensure a successful future. They will be: Creative Learners, Critical Thinkers, Effective Collaborators, Skillful Communicators, and Ethical Global Citizens.

SAS students bring our Mission to life in Malawi, Africa. (PX)