Home may be far away, but it doesn’t have to feel that way.

The PTSA (Parent, Teacher, Student Association) and Booster Clubs at SAS fulfill a lot of roles at the school. But their most appreciated one may simply be that they help families feel welcomed.

These volunteer organizations support parents, teachers, and students in myriad ways. Every family who has a child enrolled at SAS is a member of the PTSA. This highly engaged organization invites parents to connect and contribute through socials, a speaker series, and other events where they can get questions answered about how to quickly integrate into life at SAS and here in Shanghai. They strengthen our faculty as well, hosting events such as Teacher Appreciation Week, and providing volunteer reps for classrooms and grade levels. And they provide enhancements to the student experience, from orientation all the way to graduation.

The Booster Clubs at SAS work closely with the student-run Activities Council to amplify school spirit among students and the community at large. Their efforts include everything from decorating lockers with encouraging notes to running concession stands at major events to presenting students with travel bags when they earn their way onto their first APAC team. Whether students are involved in sports, theater, music, the arts, or all the above, their experiences are enriched by the tireless efforts of the Boosters.

With the PTSA and Booster Clubs, families can rest assured they have a community of friends and supporters nearby. Just like home.

The PTSA in Pudong hosts Carnival, bringing together hundreds of families.

The PTSA in Pudong hosts Carnival, bringing together hundreds of families.