SAS Health PoliciesShanghai American School's priority is to create a safe and conducive learning environment for all students. Given the ever-evolving nature of infectious diseases, the CDC plays a vital role in providing guidance and recommendations for preventing the spread of infectious diseases in the school environment. 

SAS closely monitors and adheres to the most updated local CDC guidelines when it comes to infectious diseases. At current, the school is following their guidelines as follows: 

Note: These CDC guidelines are subject to change based on their outbreak and infectious disease management protocols.

CDC Recommendations for Common infectious diseases

Illness based on cdc recommended return policy
Respiratory origin
1 Measles 5 days after first rash appeared; 10 days after first rash appeared if has respiratory symptom
2 Rubella 5 days after first rash appeared
3 Mumps Until parotid swelling disappears, may take 14-21 days post onset
4 Chickenpox Until blisters are scabbed and dry (at least 14 days in total)
5 Influenza A/B At least 2 days fever free and related symptoms disappear
6 Meningococcal meningitis 3 days after symptoms disappear (at least 7 days in total)
7 Scarlet fever At least 7 days and negative test result
8 Covid At least 2 days fever free and until negative antigen or PCR test result
Gastrointestinal origin
9 Hand-foot-mouth disease 1 week after symptoms (fever, rash) disappear (usually will take 2 weeks)
10 Norovirus (or other viral or bacterial GI origin) At least 3 days symptoms free
11 Typhoid and paratyphoid fever 15 days fever free
12 Cholera Until symptoms disappear and negative stool culture tests
13 Viral hepatitis  At least 21 days after onset
14 Pink eye - Acute hemorrhagic conjunctivitis Until symptoms disappear (usually takes 7-12 days) or 24 hours after initiating antibiotic treatment

Updated: September 1, 2023