For those who have difficulty deciding what to have for lunch, you’re in for a challenge.

At the cafeterias of SAS, selection is the prevailing theme. For Middle and High School, students are greeted with Asian and Western choices including salads, sandwiches, noodles, pasta, pizza, and vegetarian dishes. Pre-K and Grade 1 students’ set menus include proteins, vegetables, fruit or dessert, and a drink. Grade 2-5 students’ options include international food selections, salads, sandwiches, fruit or dessert, and a drink. Prices range from 24-27 RMB on average. Together, these choices help our students learn to find a nutritional balance and make healthy selections for themselves.

The SAS dining experience is international in both taste and décor.
The elementary cafeteria in Pudong features round table to foster community as well as eating.