Child Safeguarding

We keep a dedicated focus on safety, so our community doesn’t have to worry.

At SAS, we believe that schools fill a special institutional role in society as protectors of children, where all children in their care are afforded a safe and secure setting in which to grow and develop, and we’re committed to creating, maintaining, and promoting that environment.

To serve that goal, all faculty and staff engage in annual child safeguarding training to ensure we stay educated, focused, and mindful of student protection agreements and employee protection guidelines. We also strictly adhere to a Child Protection Policy, that defines how we treat all SAS students, based on international law and on the United Nations (UN) Convention on the Rights of the Child, as well as local Chinese law.

On campus, we employ a full-time risk manager and a round-the-clock team of security officers. Each campus also features a full-time dedicated athletic trainer, divisional nurses, and an after school activities nurse, and all school-sponsored events on campus have a medical professional present.

Security officers monitor the gates on both campuses.