It’s not the successes. It’s the character traits that lead to the successes.

At SAS, we have full-time athletic trainers, extensive fitness centers, unmatched facilities, and dedicated coaches to maximize the athletic performances of our students. But what’s most important is the development of the students themselves. At SAS, this development is guided by the expectations of the Eagle Code: Gratitude, Respect, and Engagement. These qualities will benefit our students long after their days here at SAS.

Between our two campuses, students have over 100 activities to choose from. Elementary school students have ASAs (after school activities) covering painting, yoga, science experiments, basketball, and computer programming, among others. They also participate in annual soccer and track and field days.

Middle school students have the opportunity to participate in CISSA (China International School Sports Association), a league founded by our Pudong campus in 2000. Activities include touch rugby, soccer, cross country, floor hockey, and swimming. Other middle school ASAs offer Ultimate Frisbee, coding, robotics, Model United Nations, photography, rock climbing, and more.

High school students can participate in APAC (Asia Pacific Activities Conference) events, competing with international schools in Vietnam, Korea, Hong Kong, Philippines, Japan, and across China. SAS was a founding member of the conference in 1995 and to date, has won 123 APAC championships across competitions in all 12 sports, plus forensics. APAC events also include choir, dance, band, theater, and orchestra.

Together, our program offers students a full continuum of opportunities to travel, compete, and challenge themselves to, as our Mission says, “(have) the courage to live their dreams”

Eagle spirit is contagious (though also occasionally chilly)

Eagle spirit is contagious (though also occasionally chilly).