Sometimes, the most talented artists are people who never thought of themselves as artists.

There are a lot of ways to measure the success of an art program. Surely, the fact that SAS students routinely gain admission into some of the world’s best art, design, and film programs speaks well of our approach. But perhaps an equally true indictor is hearing the reaction of our students as they enter an art learning space: “Yes!” they’ll say. “We have art today!”

Our extensive art program even excites students who never thought of themselves as artists. And yet, they soon find themselves engaged in activities they never thought they could do. Perhaps taking photos of the Northern Lights in Iceland. Or building electromechanical sculptures in the maker space. Or supporting their fellow students onstage through Stagecraft and theatre production.

Our fine arts program makes no distinction between on and off campus, instead preferring to believe the world makes a wonderful classroom. Students are pushed out of their comfort zone, and inspired to creating movies at a film studio in Beijing or learning the ancient art of making porcelain through one of our Signature Programs, A.i.R. Jingdezhen, in northern China. Throughout all programs, our students are collaborating with visiting experts and artists in residence, all while integrating 21st century design and technology skills.

Our performing arts program is also robust, with a packed schedule of theater and dance productions and music concerts. Each campus is well-equipped with a gorgeous Performing Arts Center, recording studios, and multiple black box theaters. Our students have the opportunity to perform across Asia through our partnerships with AMIS (Association for Music in International Schools), ISTA (International Schools Theatre Association), and APAC (Asia Pacific Activities Conference) in dance, theater, band, choir, and orchestra.

And if that's not enough, SAS students learn from internationally renown visiting artists such as Grammy nominated jazz saxophonist Campbell Ryga and host productions and workshops from the likes of Jin Xing the Shanghai Ballet and Tony nominees the Wushu Monks of Shaolin.

With passionate faculty, unmatched facilities, and a plethora of different artistic experiences, it’s no wonder so many of our students are able to find the artist within.

A professional Performing Arts Center with seating for up to 750

Students explore ceramics, design, paintings, printmaking, fiber arts, sculpture, and more.

Where 21st century design meets technology skills.

A mere 5,456 miles from Shanghai, a photography class tries to capture glaciers.

SAS students at the Vancouver Film School for the Shanghai Film Festival. Next stop: Hollywood.

Our art program isn’t solely about expressing oneself – it’s about reinforcing the lessons learned in other disciplines.

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