Professional Development

“If you ever leave SAS, you will absolutely leave a better teacher.”
— Lisa Ferguson, SAS teacher

Educators at SAS are committed to growing in their abilities to reach each student. To support that end, we provide authentic professional learning opportunities—which at SAS translates into learning that is embedded, ongoing, and relevant to daily practice. In addition to the wide range of professional development activities at the school and beyond, you will be joining a team of over 500 faculty and staff, where over 70 percent have a Masters degree or higher.

Here, teachers invent programs for SAS like our Teacher Swap, and the Teaching, Sharing, Learning and Food (TSLF) afternoons, and seize opportunities such as our Mission Award to take their learning around the globe. Teachers are further supported on campus through our instructional coaching model and extended visits from renown education specialists.

With this wealth of experience, we build collaborative teams and learning communities within our professional learning community, as well as within and across grade levels and subject areas, to actively inspire, share, teach each other, and craft the best experiences possible for the lifelong learners in all of us.