Got a million questions? We’re happy to say that after reading this page, you’ll only have 999,991.

When does the recruitment process begin?

Our school Administrators attend recruitment fairs throughout the recruiting season, beginning as early as October, through January and February, but feel free to throw your hat in the ring before that. We’d encourage you to apply directly for positions as early as September.

When do new teachers start school?

Jet lag, culture shock, and orientation generally begin at the end of July.

Does SAS recruit teachers without certification?

With few exceptions, we hire teachers with a teaching certification.

Does SAS recruit families?

We recruit the best candidates for the job: inspired lifelong learners with the skills and qualifications for the positions available. This includes single teachers and teaching couples (with or without children).

What do teachers themselves say about working here?

After two years at SAS, meet Tracie and Linsey Dotson, Counselors:

“We came to SAS because the school has an amazing reputation in the world. We will stay at SAS, first and foremost, because our children are thriving in this school and this community. This is related to the ways that we as a staff have incredible professional freedom: if there’s a new idea and it is the best thing for students, we absolutely have the support to make it happen. Coming here was the best decision we’ve ever made, and it continues to exceed our expectations.”

After twenty-three years at SAS, meet Karolina Pek, Teacher:

“When I arrived at Shanghai American School, I created a program from scratch. And after all these years, teaching is still never dull at SAS. Every year I learn new things and try something new. There is always support for things to keep growing, from the administration, parents, colleagues, and the amazing students. This is a great school. If you take a position here, you’ll never look back.”

What is the salary range and benefits package available at SAS?

The salary paid depends on the teacher's degree, certification, and years of experience, ranging from ¥298,823 to ¥584,448. All salaries are paid in Chinese Renminbi. For benefits, check out the Compensation and Benefits page.

What is it like to live in Shanghai?

What is the difference between Puxi and Pudong campuses?

Both campuses excel academically. Both campuses offer a plethora of clubs, activities, and sports teams. And both campuses have reputations for helping students reach some of the top universities in the world through strong AP as well as IB programs. In short, it's not the campus. It’s the school.

Do new hires receive an orientation to the School?

Yes! To SAS and to Shanghai. All our new staff and veteran employees look forward to an extensive orientation at the beginning of each school year.

How do I apply to SAS?

Please submit your personal statement or cover letter, employment history and at least two professional references to Careers@saschina.org. If you have any questions, please email them to the same address.