"Thanks for giving me a place to be my authentic self."
— SAS Student

Growing up is no easy task, which is exactly why you’ll find a counseling team devoted to understanding and caring for your child at every age. This community is designed with great intentionality, because a counseling program, at its heart, must know and reflect student needs as they change through the years. Our two-part approach engages an experienced team devoted to School Counseling in each division, PreK-12, nurturing and scaffolding all stages of social-emotional development and learning. You’ll also find that taking the long view toward life beyond SAS presents a host of different needs. Thus, a professional College Counselor is added for each student during high school, in order to apply the time and expertise necessary to help your child succeed in their next chapter.

Meeting your kids right where they are, and then helping them see what’s next.
Preparing our students to sign on to their next big thing.