Learning Spaces

"If a space delivers everything we expect, it hasn’t been pushed far enough. "
— SAS Space Manifesto

Yes, our school actually has a Space Manifesto. Why? Because we happen to believe that when a space is designed and used well, it actually becomes, in itself, another instructor. When you come to SAS, you will find students writing on moveable walls in their interdisciplinary courses at our Center of Inquiry + Design, a space that would be at home in any top university. You’ll find sophisticated Performing Arts Centers, and construction projects underway by students of every age in our fully-equipped maker spaces and design studios. Half of the areas our Early Childhood Center don’t even have walls, and wherever you stand within them, you can see nature. Suffice to say, some spaces help us go far beyond our expectations.

A Tinker Lab, an iHub, a DREAMS Lab... students here find space for tech exploration right from the start. (PX)

Our libraries are places to collaborate, critically seek information, and tell our stories.

Fully equipped recording studios offer platforms for our student music artists.

Teaching kitchens bring learning into all our senses.

Our Center of Inquiry + Design incorporates our science classes, Maker Space, and Innovation Institute. (PX)