SAS Prep Week To ensure families are informed and prepared for the new school year on September 1, we are unveiling SAS Prep Week. Each day this week, we’ll be sharing information. Families can anticipate information according to the following schedule: 

  • Monday, 8/24: Health + Safety 
  • Tuesday, 8/25: Libraries + Technology 
  • Wednesday, 8/26: Transportation + Food Services 
  • Thursday, 8/27: Activities 
  • Friday, 8/28: Academics 
  • Saturday, 8/29: Community Opportunities 

We remind our community of the required materials related to Health + Safety that must be completed or prepare depending upon your individual family’s current situation. Details on all of these items can be found within the Required Information Before Students Return to Campus section of Health + Safety.

1. 14-Day Health Monitoring Log 

  • Required for ALL students who will be attending class on campus 
  • Submitted as a hardcopy 
  • Due on the first day the student returns to campus 

2. Student Health Information Registration Form 

  • Required for ALL students 
  • Submitted electronically via PowerSchool  
  • Due Wednesday, August 26  

3. Quarantine Completion Form + Nucleic Acid Test Form (if available) 

  • Required for ALL students who completed quarantine or had a nucleic acid test upon return to Shanghai 
  • Submitted as hardcopy 
  • Due on the first day the student returns to campus 

4. Epidemic Education and Awareness Training 

  • Required for new students/parents and returning students/parents who did not attend classes in May or June 
  • Completed and submitted electronically through the website 
  • Due Wednesday, August 26 

In addition, we remind our community that there is a daily requirement once students have returned to campus. Details on this requirement can be found within the Daily Reporting + Health Inspections section of Health + Safety

Daily Health Self-Declaration Form 

  • Required Daily for ALL students attending class on campus 
  • Submitted electronically through the SAS TMS App 
  • Due every morning before boarding the bus or entering campus

All questions regarding SAS Prep Week can be directed to the  SAS Communications Team

Last Updated August 27, 11am (Shanghai time)