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That Day We Traced Snickers Bars Back to the Ivory Coast 

After their latest history unit, Grade 9 students from SAS Pudong may be second guessing whether a bite full of crunchy peanuts and gooey caramel in a Snickers Bar tastes as satisfying as it used to. 

These Asian History students were recently challenged to map out a consumer product’s supply chain. Their picks included the Snickers Bar, a Rolex, a pair of Lululemon yoga pants, and Starbucks’s artisanal coffee beans. 

Leading up to the project, history teachers first taught their students about ancient silk road and sea routes. Students then worked in pairs to learn more about how supply chains, from the extraction of raw materials to its transportation, have evolved since global trade first kicked off two thousand years ago. 

Beyond the logistical details, they also considered the environmental and social impacts that the supply chain had. Emily ’24 was surprised when she came across child labor reports linked with her product. Their findings were finally consolidated into the form of short tweets, which were glued on different key locations on the map. 

On the day of the presentation, students met with other groups to learn about each other’s supply chains. Allen ’24 said, “It’s interesting to compare our products to other groups’ products, because I can see the differences of what raw materials it takes to make all the products and eventually sell it to the consumer.” 


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