SAS at 111 | A Step Back In Time

This week, as we celebrate 111 years, step back in time and witness the incredible journey of SAS through the years. From our humble beginnings 111 years ago to our present-day campuses, these images tell a story of transformation, progress, and unwavering dedication to education. 

At SAS, for 111 years the beat has been going on...and on...and on... 


From chalkboards to smartboards, our classrooms have evolved, but the spirit of excellence remains timeless. 


Our campuses have had just a few upgrades over the years.  


The tradition of Juno lives on today at our Pudong campus.


Does that sweatshirt look familiar? Take a walk around on campus today and you'll see students wearing the same style. 


1920s or 2020s, we’ve never been lacking in style. 


Generations of teamwork, then and now. 


Our athletes really went the distance back then, and they still do today. 


Turning the pages of time: tracing our legacy one yearbook after another. 


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