TheNine: That Day We Launched Into High School

Some people hear “American” and they think “sports”. Others think “Ivy League”. (Odd combo, don’t you think?) There’s a little truth to both of these, and a lot of deliberate, unique alchemy that goes on in between. It’s part of our 110-year-old recipe.  


Over the past two weeks we have been hosting every Grade 9 SAS student on TheNine: a 4-day, outside-the-classroom adventure experience to help them build their identities as individuals and as a grade level.  


Of course, as in sports, the deeper purpose wasn’t the specific athletic feat of some climbing wall. TheNine is about teamwork; facing fears; and learning what happens when you risk knowing, trusting, and cheering for people beyond your family and friend group.  

Honestly, some of the most important moments on TheNine included tears. (Yes, from boys.) Like life, there were times that were scary, that pushed students in new ways, that demanded they ask more of themselves and of those around them. Moments that our freshly minted high schoolers were called to shed their middle school skins and judgements and find ways to be a bit more authentic. These social-emotional skills can’t just be talked about, they have to be practiced. And in doing so, they shifted how saw each other and their teachers. They found they were stronger than they thought, and that sometimes the only way to succeed is together.  

That is the future we are raising them for. Fulfilling their potential includes some of these soft skills of risk and teamwork, skills often overlooked on a straightaway quest for grades. To truly thrive in the modern world (and in the universities they aspire to attend), they have to know how to work together and trust, to use each other to unlock further potential that no one knows they have.  

Grade 9 students have launched into high school, with the right blend of individuality and teamwork to prepare them for everything.   

Leaps. Everyday at SAS .  

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