That Day We Got Another Facelift

"If a space delivers everything we expect, it hasn’t been pushed far enough. " 
— SAS Space Manifesto 

Yes, we actually have a Space Manifesto. Why? Because SAS is our home away from home, and the design of a place can transform the very experience of learning and growing. As usual, our recent changes are more than just improvements— they are custom-designed solutions in response to our students and our culture.   


Our playgrounds, for example, including the new elementary Eagle Fortress at Pudong campus and the freshly updated Eagle Park at Puxi campus, are more than just the most fun playgrounds you’ve ever seen. They were created to have appropriate levels of challenge and risk incorporated for varying ages and abilities, with opportunities to develop hand-eye coordination, balance, strength, and teamwork. (Spoiler Alert: still to come is a further integration of nature and science experiences, all embedded in!) 


Meanwhile, indoors, our new Pudong cafeteria was re-imagined to be a stress-free (and tech-free) space that allows our community to transport itself. “It was made to be warm, inviting, casual, communal, and social,” says Chris Levesque, Director of Facilities and Operations. The details of how we accomplished this new feel are numerous and subtle, ranging from addressing common areas of congestion, to designing food stations that take our community on a journey. It is a great example of how a space itself has the power to shift how we gather. 




Needless to say, our new facilities are the result of us paying attention, combined with inspiration, light, and sometimes a lot of rope. As we continue to define our spaces and they continue to define us, stay tuned to learn more about our Facilities Master Plan. (And more reasons to wish you went here as a kid.)   


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