5 Reasons to Study in the US

Study in the U.K. or the U.S. Still unsure of where to go? Well, here are some fast facts about studying in the U.S., which may help you come to a decision.

1. Undecided? That’s Okay

If high school graduation is looming and you still don’t know what you want to be when you grow up, don’t fret. Most universities require students to take classes in a variety of subjects for the first year or two. This introduces them to new areas which they previously had no exposure to at all. It is during these early months of university that you’re very likely to find your calling.

2. Your Extracurriculars Count

When U.S. universities consider your application, they take a holistic approach. If your high school schedule was packed with sports, MUN meetings, theatre productions and music performances, then this will count in your favor. With a strong academic record, extracurriculars that show off your passion, and recommendation letters from a counselor and one or two teachers, you will be a strong candidate for a U.S. university.

3. Double Down, Double Up

Studying in the U.S. makes it easy to do a double major – one degree specializing in two different areas. Or if you had been yearning to earn two degrees at the same time (like two bachelor degrees or a bachelor and a master), then a U.S. university would be great for that. It can take approximately five years in total, instead of having to start from scratch if you do them separately at different times. A double major can be done in four years.

4. Flexibility To Change Your Mind

Studying in the U.S. offers flexibility for students to change their minds. It’s not unusual for a student to leave SAS after having taken a variety of subjects in high school and starting university in a related program only to be introduced to another area and completely change their course of study. This kind of drastic change is not as easy in the U.K.

5. Continuation Of American Life

If you’ve gotten to know and love American culture – individualism, equal opportunity, independence (to name a few) – while at SAS, you may want to continue cultivating an enriched American lifestyle. Studying in the U.S. will allow you to experience a true American university life, complete with football games, school spirit and a diverse campus experience with many academic and social options.

If students need some guidance when considering their options, our university counselors or just a few steps away.

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