It’s hard to remember all the great stories at SAS. Fortunately, we’ve been writing them down.

From the school’s earliest days on Sichuan Bei Lu, SAS has built a strong tradition of publications. Whether student-led or school-authored, professionally-produced or zine-style, publications have always offered insight into life at SAS. Today, that legacy carries on with student magazines such as GOOD TIMES, WORD and COMA, online newspapers such as The Echo and Pudong Press, news shows such as SAS TV News, student-run recording label AMPTONE Records, teacher-created education blogs such as the Barefoot Librarian, and school publications such as Ascent (formerly the Eagle Review).

Ascent is a school-produced, student-voiced take on life at SAS.

Ascent is a school-produced, student-voiced take on life at SAS.

SAS TV is more than a livestream program – it’s also a week-in-review news show.

AMPTONE Records is student-run, student-recorded, student-performed, student-everything.

Pudong Press shares students' insights on everything, big or small.

Ascent Issue No. 6

Ascent Issue No. 5

Ascent Issue No. 4

Ascent Issue No. 3

Ascent Issue No. 2

Ascent Issue No. 1

MORE ON ASCENT Poetry, six-word short stories, or 2,000-word opinion columns—here's a peek into some of the voices that make up our student body.