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SAS graduates forge purpose and fulfillment in their lives after SAS. Here’s where it begins.

By the time a student graduates from Shanghai American School, they’re ready to, as the SAS Mission states, have “the courage to live their dreams.” Of course, dreams come in many different shapes and sizes. That’s why they move on to such a diverse list of colleges and universities. Need proof? Take a look at where the seniors from the Pudong campus of SAS are finding themselves:

Yun Kei Chow

SAS Pudong, Class of 2019

Admitted to Oxford University, UK 

Once she graduates from Shanghai American School’s Pudong campus this year, Yun Kei Chow is headed to Oxford.

“My decision to go to the UK was fueled by my decision to study law. At SAS I participated in MUN and that opened my eyes to what legislation meant. In a mock criminal court, I served as a judge in a discussion about genocide. I did a lot more study and personal reading after this, and I found a way to integrate it into all my IB assessments. That grew my love more and more. I am lucky that I found a perfect interest that combines my passion for English, jurisdiction, legislation, human rights, and international relations. I don’t want to be a lawyer, I want to help improve legislation and public policy. At least, that is what I think right now. We’ll see where university takes me!”


Adeena Liang

SAS Pudong, Class of 2019

Admitted to Pomona College, USA

“I didn't know about Pomona College until I was trying to find colleges in LA to visit. Then from the tour I saw that the campus is really pretty (the weather was amazing as well). That, combined with information sessions about academics, I found I really liked the vibe of the school. It's a really small school, which is what I was looking for, and it one of the most diverse colleges in the US (which now that I think about it, is really similar to SAS). Once I decided to apply, I felt like it was the right choice.

The best part about the college search process is finding schools (and its student populations) that you really vibe with. Once you find schools that really fit you, everything gets so much more exciting, because you know that there are people out there with similar interests and hobbies and passions. "