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There are a number of ways to donate. Click on Give Online to make your donation now, or click on the tabs to find out more about the other ways to give.

Give with a Red Envelope

Use the special SAS Red Envelope to drop off RMB cash or USD check to the special locked boxes in each divisional office on either campus. Either you or your child may drop off the envelope.

Give at a Campus Cashier

Use a Visa, MasterCard, UnionPay credit card, or RMB cash. Complete a donation card and bring it to the cashier’s window on either campus.

Give with a Wire Transfer

U.S. citizens may choose to write a bank check or arrange a wire transfer to the “Friends of Shanghai American School Foundation,” a non profit organization and registered 501(c)(3) organization. Gifts to the Foundation are deductible for U.S. income-tax purposes. For wiring instructions, please contact Crickett Kasper at

SAS students in one of the new garden spaces funded by Edge For Excellence dollars.

Our Edge for Excellence

Our Edge for Excellence is Shanghai American School’s annual campaign to raise funding for important initiatives to enhance the experience and education of our students. These initiatives go above and beyond tuition and fees support to ensure that our students have the edge to succeed in everything they do now and in their futures.

The Arts play an important role in our students’ lives and academic journey. They inspire our students to try new things, to create, and to appreciate their talents and those of others. The Arts are also a lens to explore and discuss other disciplines from math to history. This year, Our Edge for Excellence will focus on the Arts at SAS. We will raise 3,000,000 RMB in support of two special programs for our school. The first is the expansion of the Artists in Residence program which will allow us to host opportunities for our students to work with and be inspired by professional artists from around the world. The second is the establishment of SAS TV, a livestream program that will allow our students to develop valuable broadcasting skills while they share their experiences on our campuses with the world. As part of the campaign, we will be hosting the Gala for the Arts on March 11, 2017. This special evening will showcase our talented students’ work in the performing and visual arts and all the proceeds will benefit our students through the two special initiatives, Artists in Residence and SAS TV.


SAS TV - 2,000,000 RMB

At Shanghai American School, inspiring things don’t just happen, they happen every day. Performances, shows, competitions, presentations, and special events fill our campuses. In order to celebrate and capture these meaningful moments, the School will create SAS TV. This livestream program will allow the School to reach beyond Shanghai, to allow friends and loved ones an opportunity to share in our students’ experience at SAS.

Your gift to this initiative will provide the special equipment and technology to support the SAS TV program, including camera equipment in the Performing Arts Centers and the necessary portable technology to regularly broadcast big events such as student performances, APAC events, and graduation.

With your support our students will gain valuable production and broadcast experience beginning in 2017-18. SAS TV will be shared online and re-aired throughout our campuses. This program will increase our school’s visibility, more closely connect activities in and outside the classroom, and build school pride.

Artists In Residence - 1,000,000 RMB

Shanghai American School has a tradition of hosting professional artists to work with our students in their respective fields. This tradition has grown out of our belief that the Arts not only enrich the academic experience of our students but also their understanding of the world. Something incredible happens when middle schoolers learn about Jazz from the Charl du Plessis Trio from South Africa. When a sophomore warms up with the principal dancers from the Shanghai Dance Company before they perform the “Crested Ibis.” When a third grader works alongside his new classmates to create a community art piece with mosaic artist, Pamela Irving from Australia. These experiences create a bridge between disciplines, between cultures, between our students and the greater community.

Your gift to Artists in Residence will continue and expand this tradition by giving our students access to these types of international professionals on the stage and in the classroom. Help us celebrate the Arts at SAS and build connections and understanding across the globe.

We invite you to support SAS with a gift to one or many of the above projects between now and May 31 2017.

Our Edge for Excellence FAQ

Why do we have Our Edge for Excellence?

Our Edge for Excellence is SAS’s annual appeal to raise money for our students for special opportunities that are not covered by tuition and school fees. These enhancements give our students the edge as they prepare for university and beyond.

What is the goal for our Edge for Excellence this year?

Our goal for Our Edge for Excellence 2017 is to raise 3,000,000 RMB in support of two important, school-wide initiatives: 2,000,000 RMB for SAS TV and 1,000,000 RMB for the Artists in Residence program.

Why don’t we just raise the tuition?

Giving to the Edge for Excellence Campaign is more than just "paying a bill.” It is about making a conscious choice to invest in our community. By supporting the school through voluntary contributions, each family can give according to their financial ability. In addition, Edge for Excellence gifts are tax deductible in America. If you make a gift on-line though our giving page it goes to our Friends of Shanghai American School Foundation, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization and the IRS recognizes your donation as a charitable gift.

How much should I give?

Over the past several years, Our Edge for Excellence gifts from the community have ranged from US$15 to US$100,000, with the average gift being about US $200. We ask every SAS family to participate each year at a level that is personally comfortable for them.

Who should I speak to about making a gift to SAS? What if I have more questions?

Our Development staff is happy to speak with you about supporting SAS. If you would like to make a gift or if you have any questions about Our Edge for Excellence, please contact Crickett Kasper at
or +86-21-6221-1445 extension 2256.

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