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Gala for the Arts

The Gala for the Arts was a great success, raising more than 348,000 RMB for Our Edge for Excellence. The evening was a school-wide celebration of our school and our students’ talents in the Arts. Thanks to everyone who helped make this special event possible for our community.

Photos from the evening can be viewed and downloaded here.

Shanghai American School is grateful for the generosity of our sponsors and silent auction donors and appreciate the continued support of our dedicated volunteers.

Event Sponsors

Glorious International | Great China International Group Co Ltd.

Zongshen Industrial Group Ltd.

PRISMO | PTSA, Puxi campus

Silent Auction Donors

Stephanie Chang | ILARIA | Sifen

Coach, Inc. | Cory Wannamaker

Andaz Hotel Xintiandi

Alicia Bollesen

Monica Bharadhwaj

Cristina Corsini

Eagle Shop, Pudong campus

Eagle Shop, Puxi campus

Efes Restaurant

Sandy Elder

Glam Restaurant

Kim Sajan & David Gran

Grand Kempinski Hotel

Iris Hsu

Jessica Shi & Shih Tsai Huang

Hyatt on the Bund

Xiaoqin Huang & Sihai Jiang

Kathleen’s Waitan

Huiping Krassenstein

Diana & Michael Kuan

Lisa & George Land

Le Royal Meridien Hotel

Mabel & Leo Lui

Mandy’s Furniture

Nar Café Lounge & Catering

NBA China

NFL China

Paradox Restaurant

PTSA, Pudong campus

Park Hyatt Shanghai

Pudong campus

Puxi campus

Brian Reed

SAS Art Department,

Pudong campus

SAS Art Department,

Puxi campus

Shanghai Disney Resort

Shanghai Pup

Cindy Qiu & Chauncey Shey

Tek Shanghai

Jennifer Van Ness

Sabrina & Cory Williams

Ye Shanghai

Mandy Yu

Special Thanks

Amber Harper-King

Cyrielle Bazin

Sabrina Williams

Alysia Asp

Mike Banino

Morgan Banino

Edith Bao

Rolf Becker & His Big Band

Alyssa Benedict

Christina Blanco

David Chapman

Adam Chapa

Elise Chen

Sarah Diggs

Megan Emory-Moore

Lisa Ferguson

David Gran & Kim Sajan

Brittany Haney

Iris Hsu

Linda Hu

Jason Huang

Doug Hundley

Jin Hui

Matthew Kasper

Wendy Li

Angela Li

Jacquie Lian

Joan Lueth

Kevin Lynch

Andrew Melton

Cristin Merker

Samantha Montgomery

Tara Neff


Karolina Pek


Issy Qin

Helene Reiter

Kim Sajan

Jennifer Su

Abby Torres

Jen Van Ness

Mette Vanderheide

Steve Venema

Cindy Wang

Tommy Wang's Crew

Julie and Justin Wild

Shirley Wu

Verna Leung

Misook Yie

Lucy Young

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