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Celebration of Our 2017 Donors

With the help of our parents, faculty, staff, and friends Shanghai American School’s annual campaign, Our Edge for Excellence 2017, successfully raised over 3,200,000 RMB. These funds will be used to support our school initiatives, SAS TV and the Artists in Residence program.

SAS is grateful for the philanthropic support of our community members and would like to celebrate the following donors for their contributions to the School in the 2016-2017 school year.

Our Edge for Excellence 2017 Annual Campaign Donors

Anonymous (7)
Alice Li-Arndt and Matthias Arndt
Cyrielle and Tim Bazin
Emily Sargent-Beasley and James Beasley
Emmanuel Bonin
Barbara and Timothy Boyer
Gwendolyn Cardno
Ai Sin and Bob Chan
Aston Chan
Fong Tse and Yuk Kwan Chan
Feng Zou and Wei Chang
Yatwai Man and Xiangrong Chang
Li-Lin Chu and Lyndon Chao
Hui Zhang and Chih Chuan Chen
Ling Li and Owen T.L Chen
Minghui Chen and Yun Chen
Sanjing Bai and Xiaojian Chen
Sha Luo and Colin Chen
Yi Xin Chen
Nianhong Fan and Yunwei Cheng
Suk Yi Joyce Leung and Heung Yeung Eddy Chik
Woohyun Cho and Bosook Chung
Shawn Colleary
Mamie Marie and Ben Cornish
Yang Zhao and Haili Cui
Hairuo Wang and Gan Ding
Jonathan Ding
The Earley Family
Lori and Kenneth Engel
Nancy and George Entwistle
Georgena Falzon
Pamela and Timothy Fordree
Yan Gao
Marcel G. Gauthier
Ling Zhang and John Grobowski
The Gu-Sternberg Family
Wenhua Li and Huqing Guo
Kai Liu and Lili Han
York-Chi and Stephen Harder
Min He
Trillium and Michael Hibbeln
Glynis Ogden and Kevin Hill
Amy and Scott Hossack
Judy and Douglas Houlihan
Qing Xu and Xin Huang
Si Hai Jiang and Xiao Qin Huang
Tao He and Yizhou Huang
Winnie and Eric Jiaunn Huang
Yongbin Luo and Rui Xue Huang
Grace Chen and Long Jiang
Wen Rong Connie Zhou and Jian Ying Jin
Jungkwan Byun and Jua Kang
Crickett and Matthew Kasper
Hye Sun Lee and Yong Bum Kim
Soo Min Kim
Amber and Terris King
Miki Kobayashi
Christina and Christian Kohlpaintner
Korean Community Students, Class of 2017
Haowai Lai
Guiying Zeng and Chunbao Lai
Benjamin Lee
Wendy Li
Yimin Zhao and Jun Li
Yu Rong Shi and Guo Ming Liang
Junghyok Lim
Ping Ping Lina Lek and Gee Kwang Lim
Suk Hyun Park and Roger Lim
Pauline and Richard Lin
Ray Lin
Tianle Zhang and Bin Lin
Yaling Wang and Linus Lin
Hui-Ying Huang and En-Tao Lin
Yu Liu
Yimei Shi and Zhenggang Lu
Queenie Luan
Elena Drago and Andrea Lucci
Bertha Lui and Larry Feng

Mabel and Leo Lui
The Lynch Family
Stanislava Sunny Mihova and Ricardo Machado
Celeste and Richard MacMillan
Shigehisa Manzawa
Zahira Parween Miu and Andrew Yin Kwan Miu
Peggy and Michael Moh
Claire and Richard W. Mueller
Jun Meng and LaiZhen Peng
Mary Pat Weber and Karl Poulin
Kimbra and Simon Power
Kate and Alan Preis
Pudong PTSA
Zhiqi Yang and Jian Rong Qian
Cheryl and Daniel Rearick
Helene Reiter
Xu Yang and Jun Ren
Sanna and James Robinson
Jin Sook Yang and Ki Hyun Ryu
Shanghai American School Association (SAS)
Hong Jiang and Addison Shen
The Starta Family
Hongmin Suh and Hongnam Kan
Min-Fen Che and Chen-Chi Tai
Jing Jie Huang and Dun Tan
Julia Fong and Danny Tan
Helen Jiang and Michael Tang
Abigail and Nicholas Torres
Heather Valentine
Elaine and Dean Voge
Hong Chen and Mary Wang
Fang Wang
Lei Ding and XunFang Wang
Linda Wang
Max Wang
Weniwati and Yizhe Wang
Ye Shen and Herb Wang
Rita Ling and Jack Wang
Pat Clarke and Charles Way
Geng Chen and Yuan Wen
Sabrina and Cory Williams
Qun Gan and Damon Wong
Huan Zhang and Lihua Wu
Yuan Yuan and Xue Gang Wu
Fei Gao and Xiao Wu
Jun Xia and Leihai Hong
Bradley Xu
Emma Li and Jack Xu
Nicole Xu
Ying Zhen Miao and Hou Cong Xu
Michelle Li and Michael Xu
Weixing Cui and Xia Xue
Hong Wang and Jun Yan
Shen Yan
Man Liu and Feng Yang
Stephane Charmot and Jingfu Yang
Jian Xiaolin and Sha Ye
Stella Chan and Alan Yeung
Jing Qian and Jun Yin
Yuan Hong and Feng Ying
Huan Lei and Di Yu
Zhiyi Yang and Wangjiang Yuan
Zhe Fei and Tao Yue
Jing Shen and Zheng Zhang
Bao Qiang Li and Yun Jie Zhang
Cindy Wang and John Zhang
Kuo Yuan Tsai and Ai Ping Zhang
Yifeng Yang and Ling Zhang
Dora and Richard Zhao
Steven Shufan Zhao
Huirong Bai and Michael Zheng
Tianmin Tim Liu and Dongni Toni Zhu
Weilun Zhou and Yiyi Zhu
Yuming Zhang and Limin Zhu
Yun Zhao and Yuanyuan Zhu
Jun Liu and Yang Zhuang
Annie Yan Li and Ken Jian Zhuo

In Honor Of

Gifts have been made by members of our community in honor of the following people.

Jordan Benedict
Sebastian Charmot
Iris Chen
Emmy David
John Everett
Lindel Limpisvasti
Xin Guo Lin
Shaun McElroy
James Mikkelson
James Robinson
Kat Spry
Shirley Tang
Anne Tang
Linda Wang

Sydney Xinyi Wang
Chelsea Wang
Hannah Wu
David Wu
Annie Xu
Bradley Jiping Xu
Summer Xu
Sage Yan
Sissy Yan
Stone Yan
Xu Wen Yi
Jia Qi Zhang
Jiajie Zhang

Gifts in Kind

In addition to financial contributions, gifts of service and product were donated to SAS this year from the following donors.

The Moh Family
Yan Cathy Wang and Huaiyu Li

The Gala for the Arts was a great success, raising more than 348,000 RMB for Our Edge for Excellence. The evening was a school-wide celebration of our school and our students’ talents in the Arts. Thanks to everyone who helped make this special event possible for our community.

Shanghai American School is grateful for the generosity of our sponsors and silent auction donors and appreciate the continued support of our dedicated volunteers.

Event Sponsors

Glorious International | Great China International Group Co Ltd.

Zongshen Industrial Group Ltd.

PRISMO | PTSA, Puxi campus

VIP Tables

Beatrice Chan | Diana Kuan

Sue Luh | Joyce Tong

Xunfang Wang

Silent Auction Donors

Stephanie Chang | ILARIA | Sifen

Coach, Inc. | Cory Wannamaker

Andaz Hotel Xintiandi

Alicia Bollesen

Monica Bharadhwaj

Cristina Corsini

Eagle Shop, Pudong campus

Eagle Shop, Puxi campus

Efes Restaurant

Sandy Elder

Glam Restaurant

Kim Sajan & David Gran

Grand Kempinski Hotel

Iris Hsu

Jessica Shi & Shih Tsai Huang

Hyatt on the Bund

Xiaoqin Huang & Sihai Jiang

Kathleen’s Waitan

Huiping Krassenstein

Diana & Michael Kuan

Lisa & George Land

Le Royal Meridien Hotel

Mabel & Leo Lui

Mandy’s Furniture

Nar Café Lounge & Catering

NBA China

NFL China

Paradox Restaurant

PTSA, Pudong campus

Park Hyatt Shanghai

Pudong campus

Puxi campus

Brian Reed

SAS Art Department,

Pudong campus

SAS Art Department,

Puxi campus

Shanghai Disney Resort

Shanghai Pup

Cindy Qiu & Chauncey Shey

Tek Shanghai

Jennifer Van Ness

Sabrina & Cory Williams

Ye Shanghai

Mandy Yu

Special Projects

In addition to Our Edge for Excellence, the School has received generous support for the following project.

The SAS Student Innovator Award - Ying Stella Chen and Jun Collins Qian

This year, a special award was established at Shanghai American School to support creativity and innovation in the high school on Puxi campus. This award was made possible through the generous contribution of the Qian Family.