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Shanghai American School has a long tradition of excellence. For over a hundred years we have been providing students with the opportunity to succeed in the classroom, on the stage, on the field and in their future college or university.At SAS, our students hone the skills necessary to succeed on our campuses and beyond.

From our beginning in 1912, the school has been committed to providing an exemplary education to students from all over the world. From the first SAS campus on Szechuen Road, to the subsequent iterations on Avenue Petain, the US Consulate, the Number 3 Girls' School, the storefronts in Zhudi Town, to today's modern Puxi and Pudong campuses – our commitment to academic excellence and student learning remains unchanged.

Our alumni have gone on to matriculate at the finest institutions in the world. They are CEO's, entrepreneurs, astronomers, scientists, inventors, designers, musicians, artists, and ministers who are leaving their mark on the world. Why? Because this is what we do at SAS, we build futures – future leaders, future doctors, future scientists, future inventors. . .

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Meet the Team

Crickett KasperCrickett Kasper
Director of Development & Alumni Relations

Amber Harper KingAmber Harper-King
Development Coordinator

Brittany HarneyBrittany Haney
Alumni Relations Coordinator

Cyrielle BazinCyrielle Bazin
Special Events Coordinator

Caresse ChenCaresse Chen
Advancement Assistant

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