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Professional Learning

In support of our mission to create a lifelong passion for learning, SAS encourages and supports professional learning for all faculty and staff.

SAS has exceptional facilities, faculty and professional learning opportunities. You work along side educators with experience from around the world. The dedicated and inspiring faculty at SAS is one of the school’s major strengths.

SAS believes in authentic professional learning: learning that is embedded, ongoing, and relevant to daily practice. Within collaborative teams, teachers learn on a daily basis. SAS teachers mentor and teach each other, observe best practices, and work together across the school to improve student learning. The school also hosts many learning opportunities in the form of consultancies, workshops and conferences. And finally, teachers may participate in external conferences in the region that align with the school’s goals.

Teachers also have the opportunity further their university studies through the PSU master’s degree program. Many also participate in East Asia Regional Council of Schools (EARCOS) conferences which inspire adult and student learning, and fosters intercultural understanding, global citizenship, and exceptional educational practices within our learning community.

What does SAS offer?

The potential to:
  • Prepare students to become leaders in a global world
  • Seek and share best practices through professional learning communities
  • Utilize advance technology and support staff to help you reach your goals
The opportunity to:
  • Live in the dynamic city of Shanghai
  • Enjoy a unique blend of culture, cuisine, and arts
  • Work in a cosmopolitan city where East meets West
The work environment that allows to:
  • Join a team of over 500 faculty and staff
  • Work with faculty where over 60 percent has a master's degree or higher
  • Take advantage of professional learning, facilities, and technology

"I have become a better teacher since coming to SAS thanks to their focus on adopting and supporting the pursuit of best practice. In regard to professional development at SAS, I feel completely empowered and supported to pursue unique and innovative pedagogical and curricular design."

Matt Kuykendall
High School Teacher
Puxi Campus

"I recently read in a book called Mindset by Carol Dweck that, "Everyone is born with an intense drive to learn. Infants stretch their skills daily." For me, it was only when I became an educator that I realized how important it is to be a life long learner. Teaching and learning came hand in hand for me and it also became evident how important it is to be a role model for my students. That life is a continuum and one must always reflect on themselves as learners. The importance of showing our character strengths in your daily actions, whether it is in your home or in your job, sets the tone for our desire to learn, it sparks that drive to continually move forward, to look at change as a positive. At SAS we are encouraged to inspire in our students a passion for learning, it is my hope that my passion to learn and teach will inspire my students to have the courage to live their dreams and but more importantly to give meaning to their learning were it will not only benefit them but for the betterment of mankind."

Nazli Ighani
Elementary School Teacher
Puxi Campus