Admissions Inquiry


The SAS Human Resources Office is available to answer your question. For your convenience, we listed the questions -most asked by prospective faculty and staff.

When does the recruitment process begin?

Although School administrators attend recruitment fair in January and February, candidates are encouraged to apply for positions as early as September.

When are new teachers expected to start School?

New teachers are expected to arrive in Shanghai during the final week of July. Exact date will be confirmed upon hiring.

Does Shanghai American School recruit teachers without certification?

Ideally, we want to recruit teachers with a teaching certification.

Does Shanghai American School recruit families?

Our recruitment policy is to find candidates with the skills and qualifications that match the position requirements. We hire single teachers and teaching couples (with or without children).

What is the salary range paid by Shanghai American School and in what currency is this paid?

The salary paid depends on the teacher's degree, certification and years of experience. This ranges from ¥264, 228.00 to ¥506,652.00. All salaries are paid in Chinese Renminbi.

What are the benefits offered by Shanghai American School?

The benefits offered to faculty include:

  • Retirement benefit
  • Shipping allowance*
  • Relocation allowance*
  • Housing and utilities*
  • Long-term Disability
  • Wellness allowance
  • Health insurance
  • Home leave*
  • Sick leave
  • Personal leave (cash payout for unused portions)
  • Bereavement leave (includes round trip excursion fare for overseas hires)
  • End of Contract Completion Bonus after the completion of the third year

* Only applies to overseas hires.

Do all new hires receive an orientation to the School?

Yes, all our new staff and veteran employees receive an extensive orientation at the beginning of each School Year.