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PTSA Gallery

SAS Parent, Teacher, and Student Association.


SAS has a very large and active Parent, Teacher, and Student Association (PTSA). The PTSA is a volunteer organization that supports and enhances the school community through social, educational, and fund-raising activities. Membership is automatic to any family who has a child enrolled at SAS. The PTSA helps to enrich the SAS community in several ways including connecting the community through parent and teacher social events, hosting teacher appreciation events, as well as other social activities and events.

Joining the PTSA is a great way to make wonderful new friends, to become more familiar with SAS, and to make a positive impact on the school and your child's education.

Current parents may access the PTSA Schoology groups by clicking here: Puxi PTSA or Pudong PTSA.

Meet your executive committees.

PTSA Executive Committee Pudong

Evangeline Cherk - President

Yaling Wang - Executive Vice President

Nova Claudine Susetya - Treasurer

Malavika Nambiar - Vice President of Communications

Presanna Welamuri - Vice President of Sponsorship

Heather LeClair - Vice President of High School

Maureen Phelan - Vice President of Middle School

Lisa van Oossanen - Vice President of Elementary School

Peggy Kewk - Eagle Shop Manager

Gauri Chary - Newcomers Committee Member

Amy Buttermore - Newcomers Committee Member

Yaling Wang - Newcomers Committee Member

PTSA Executive Committee Puxi

President: Christina Ye

Vice President of Events: Stacey LoFrano Harrison

Vice President of Communications: Lucy Young

Vice President of Eagle Shop: Sandi Heald

Treasurer: Yin Qin

Secretary: Robin Li

ES Head Representative: Monica Lindblad

MS Head Representative: Jessica Lin

HS Head Representative: Susan Wang

HS Head Representatives: Grace Zhang

Booster Club Chair: Susan Sullivan

Chinese Liaison: Jenny Tu

Korean Liaison: Sukhyun Park


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