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EARCOS Middle School Leadership Conference

Preparing Adolescents For Their World

Date: April 13-14, 2018
Cost: $150 USD for two days (presenters pay $100), $100 USD for Saturday only
Location:Shanghai American School Pudong Campus, 1600 Lingbai Road, Sanjiagang, Shanghai Links Executive Community, Pudong New Area, Shanghai, China 201201


This two-day conference is for middle school teachers and administrators who are passionate about working with 11-14 year olds, and who enjoy open collaboration with like-minded colleagues. Download the conference flyer.


Technologies of the Self: Enhancing and Employing Your Strengths, by Ronald LaLonde

Mobile phones are cool, but there are other technologies that offer dazzling possibilities, and schools are only just starting to think in these terms. The science of human behavior has undergone development that has put the research tools of psychology to use around questions of enhancing our life outcomes. This marks a shift in the way we can think about character and its development. Values are neither “out there” nor a “fixed” part of who I am. I can immerse myself in practices that can change the way I think about myself, that impact my motivation, my sense of well being, and grow my character. Technologies of the self will be the inheritance of the current school-aged generation. While there have always been ways to “shape the child”, we are moving into an era in which science will support the self-shaping of character. This talk will focus on how educators can build awareness of these practices, develop their own strengths, and model, for adolescents, how to build your best self.

The World is Our Classroom: Lessons Learned from Seven Years of Leading Place-based Learning, by Craig Tafel

Since 2012, groups of 8th grade students from Shanghai American School have taken four-week journeys to the village of Xizhou in China’s Yunnan Province as participants in “Microcampus”. Students are immersed in the culture and community of this village, while participating in personal projects and community service. The goals of the program include experiential learning, personal growth, expanding intercultural understanding, and making a positive impact.

Keynote Biographies

Ronald LaLonde

Ronald LaLonde, formerly the Middle School Principal at the American School of Dubai, and now the founder and CEO of River's Path Coaching and Consulting, has researched and developed applications of positive psychology to middle level education throughout his time as a middle school leader. His current focus is on integrating strengths-based competencies and character traits across the curriculum and in programs of student reflection. Dr. Lalonde earned a Master’s Degree in Educational Philosophy from the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE), and a doctorate from the University of Calgary, where he focused on student voice and student agency. He teaches at the University of British Columbia and has served as an adjunct professor for the State University of New York. He teaches annually at the Principal's Training Center in Miami and in London, and continues to research student engagement and student voice. Dr. Lalonde believes that 21st century learning really begins when educators learn to embrace their own possibilities for growth and strength development.

Craig Tafel

Craig Tafel has spent the past 23 years teaching and learning in classrooms big and small. The past decade has found Craig developing, directing, and leading the Shanghai American School Microcampus program, an experiential-, service-, and place-based learning journey featuring small groups of 8th grade students who spend four weeks living and learning in a small village in southwest China’s Yunnan Province. His commitment to place-based learning is embedded in his family’s journey; Microcampus student trips include Craig's wife, Hai Sam, and their 2-year-old daughter Sofia. Sofia has spent nearly a year of her life with the village of Xizhou as her classroom.

Workshop Topics

  • Learning-Focused Discipline
  • Scheduling to Improve Learning
  • Social Entrepreneurship: Developing a Change-maker Curriculum
  • Forming and Reforming Reading, Writing, and Talking Across the Curriculum
  • The Secret Ingredients of Teacher Innovation
  • Personal Inquiry Time
  • Developing a Middle School Advisory Program
  • Using video as a tool to foster peer feedback
  • Robotics in the Library: Using FLL Robotics a Way to Connect Research, Engineering, and Presentation Skills, and Way‐Cool Robots with Students
  • Designing Disruption ‐ Our Story of Exploring Intensive Project Periods ﴾Lessons Learned﴿
  • Instructional Coaching

Reception Friday Evening

Calligraphy Workshop, Wine & Dim Sum (Please RSVP below)

Registration and Payment Details

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Recommended Hotel: We will provide bus transportation between this hotel and our campus.

Additional Details:

Visa: You will need a visa if coming to Shanghai from outside of China. A simple tourist visa is sufficient for the trip. It can take up to a month to obtain a tourist visa.

Transportation: Transportation will be provided from the recommended hotel to the Pudong campus. Participants are responsible for their own transport to and from the airport.

Registration Fee includes:

  • Transportation to and from the Marriott Hotel and the Pudong campus.
  • Lunch and coffee breaks each day of the workshop
  • All workshop materials
  • Friday afternoon/evening social

Weather: The average temperature for April is 180 Celsius/ 640 Farenheit.

Contact details: If you have any questions please contact Becky Read.