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Headlines - S1E5: "Finding the Best Fit"

Headlines is a series of videos which offer an opportunity for our Head of School, Marcel Gauthier to share his thoughts on the topics that are on the minds of our community members. In the fifth episode of the series, Mr. Gauthier speaks to our community about the recent university acceptances of some of seniors and how our team of counselors helped them each find their best fit beyond SAS.

BELOW videos are hosted on YouTube. The videos may not play without a VPN when in China. Enjoy the show!

TheEleven at SASTheEleven at SAS
Each year our grade 11 students embark on a fun, productive, community-building jumpstart to 12th grade. TheEleven is a one-of-a-kind, intensive, week-long retreat program where our college counselors, outside experts, and SAS faculty work with our juniors to scaffold their transition to senior year. Ready for grade 12? We will be.

Headlines - Transformation of SpacesHeadlines - S1E4: "The SAS Survey"
Headlines is a series of videos which offer an opportunity for our Head of School, Marcel Gauthier to share his thoughts on the topics that are on the minds of our community members.
In the fourth episode of the series, Mr. Gauthier speaks to our community about the recent administration of The SAS Survey and what has been learned from the participants.

Headlines - Transformation of SpacesThe Last Book
Shanghai American School Puxi campus is beginning its renovation of the Secondary Library! 31,000 books were packed up and sent to storage, 2,500 books were moved into our new Pop-Up Library or into classroom collections, and 2,000 books are currently, well, right where they should be: checked out and being read.
Last week we celebrated as the last book officially moved to our cozy new Pop-Up Library. The Book Thief, by Markus Zusak, made its journey of 283 high schooler steps (312 middle schooler steps) by being passed, person by person, to its new shelf. For now. Our incredible state-of-the-art library is set to be completed for Fall 2018.

Headlines - Transformation of SpacesHeadlines – S1E3: "Our Edge for Excellence"
Headlines is a series of videos which offer an opportunity for our Head of School, Marcel Gauthier to share his thoughts on the topics that are on the minds of our community members. In the third episode of the series, Mr. Gauthier speaks to the importance of supporting our annual campaign.

Headlines - Transformation of SpacesHeadlines - S1E2: "Transformation of Spaces"
Headlines is a series of videos which offer an opportunity for our Head of School, Marcel Gauthier to share his thoughts about the topics that are on the minds of our community members. The second episode of the series is “Transformation of Spaces”. As a not for profit school, all revenue that comes into our school goes directly toward making our school even better.

APAC Baseball at SASAPAC Baseball 2017 Highlights
As we wrap up post production for our SAS TV debut, we wanted to congratulate all of the SAS TV crew and our SAS Season 1 athletes! Here are the highlights of APAC Baseball games. Enjoy!

Microcampus at SASMicrocampus at SAS
Since 2012, groups of grade 8 students from Shanghai American School have taken four-week journeys to the village of Xizhou in China’s Yunnan Province as participants in Microcampus, a program created exclusively by and for SAS. Every aspect of the student experience at the Microcampus program is designed with four primary goals in mind: experiential learning, personal growth, expanding intercultural understanding, and making a positive impact. This fall, HundrED, a Finish organization that spotlights ambitious educational projects around the world, has identified the SAS Microcampus program as one of the top 100 educational innovations for 2017.

Marcel GauthierHeadlines - Episode 1: Outside the Gates
Headlines is a series of videos which offer an opportunity for our Head of School, Marcel Gauthier, to share his thoughts about the topics that are on the minds of our community members. This episode is called “Outside the Gates.” It’s about the opportunities our students have to learn outside classroom walls, and what SAS is doing to assure these opportunities are as beneficial as possible.

The Senior WalkThe Senior Walk
It’s the same hallways they have walked down thousands of times. But this time, it’s a bit different. For years, our seniors on the Puxi campus have celebrated their final day by taking The Senior Walk – a chance to walk through the hallways of SAS one last time. It gives our seniors the opportunity to say thanks to former teachers, and gives our younger students a chance to honor the graduates, and get a peek at what’s to come for them. At Shanghai American School, we are more than teachers, students, grades, or test scores. We’re family.

The Long Wave GoodbyeThe Long Wave Goodbye
Every day, upon arrival and departure, the students at our Pudong campus are warmly greeted with a smile, a hug, or a wave. But on the last day of school each year, the greeting becomes even warmer. It’s a special tradition called "The Long Wave Goodbye."

Innovation Institute at SASInnovation Institute at SAS
The Innovation Institute is a two-year interdisciplinary project-based learning curriculum. This program integrates the learnings from the students' science, social studies and art classes.

Every Day at SASOne Day at SAS
This video was filmed on Thursday, October 13th. It could've been filmed on Monday, September 26th. Or Wednesday, November 9th. Because at Shanghai America School, every day is filled with exploration, collaboration, and inspiration. Every day. Want to be part of it? Visit us.

Every Day at SASThat day we froze time.
Our 5th grade students have solved the mathematical equation of how to freeze time. If you look closely, you’ll see how they did it—through daily differentiated tasks, graphing software, small group instruction, and recording and sharing their results with modern technology. Whether they are trying to freeze time or simply learn new mathematical concepts, our faculty and students find unique ways to approach every day and each lesson. And what better way to celebrate our accomplishments than with a class dance party? (You know NASA does it…)

Every Day at SASEducation as Art
As an invited speaker to The Bund Education Foreign Principal Education Talk Show, our Head of School, Marcel Gauthier, shared the importance of art in education. In this video, he shares why he believes that the best way for a teacher to think about teaching is not solely through a scientific lens, but an artistic one as well.

Every Day at SASEvery Day at SAS
Stroll through one of the beautiful campuses of Shanghai American School, and you’ll see something amazing. Something surprising. Something inspirational. (Don’t believe us? Sign up for one of our upcoming tours and see for yourself.) Mind you, these things don’t just happen on special occasions. They happen every day. They happen in the academics, the athletics, the arts, the you-name-its. Take a look at our kick-off video and learn about some of the moments that make SAS such an impressive place to be. Every day.

The Kindergarten OlympicsThe Kindergarten Olympics
Behold, the Kindergarten Olympics has come to SAS! Check out the amazing accomplishments our young athletes achieved on their quest for gold and, more importantly, FUN! Kindergarteners not only learned about the Olympics and teamwork in their classrooms, they also got to experience the excitement of the games by cheering each other on in their very own Kindergarten Olympics. It was a day full of games, races, laughter and glory for all. Perhaps one of the biggest lessons to take away from our magnificent Kindergarten Olympics is that when we work together and support each other, everybody wins.

A New Play on PLCsA New Play on PLCs
Educators at Shanghai American School work together in Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) to collectively improve their students’ learning experiences. Whether by sharing expertise, observing each other’s classes, or by meeting regularly to actively seek solutions and new ideas, they are dedicated to working together under a shared vision. This year a unique partnership was made between a kindergarten teacher, Mr. Terris King, and grade 12 IB Economics teacher, Mr. Joseph Earley. Watch this student directed and edited video to take a look at what went on behind the scenes of this unique project.

Shanghai American School Pudong Campus Performing Arts Center Dedication Pudong Campus Performing Arts Center Dedication
On Thursday, April 28, Shanghai American School Pudong held the dedication of the new Performing Arts Center. It was a night of fun and celebration that culminated with a concert featuring the high school musicians. Special guests for the evening included a select middle school choir and the high school orchestra from the Puxi campus. It was a night to remember, thank you to all who were able to attend!

World Read Aloud Day
February 24, 2016 was the annual celebration of World Read Aloud Day, so we gathered a few elementary school students and administrators to find out what their favorite book is!

The Mini Me Project
Our middle school art students in Ms. Ann Hefte’s class have been working hard at creating their own “mini me", an action figure that can move. Check out the incredible video about this project put together by one of our talented students, Aaron Hwang.

Holiday Cheer at SAS 2015
Winter break is coming, and the students and faculty at our Puxi campus have been spreading the holiday cheer. Check out the video!

2015 Puxi APAC Dance Team—"A Song for Jingwei"
Here is the official video of the performance by our 2015 Puxi APAC Dance Team at the APAC Dance Festival that was held in November and hosted by our Puxi campus. This year the team performed “A Song for Jingwei," a piece based on the Chinese myth of Jingwei, the story of a young girl transformed into a beautiful bird who perseveres against impossible odds. It was a trademark Puxi APAC Dance piece because it required superior technique, strength and precision, combined with grace and beauty.

Jacaranda in June
This past June several of our Puxi campus faculty and high school students spent time at the Jacaranda School for Orphans in Malawi. One of the students, Nicole Chen, put together this video to show our community just how amazing this service trip is! Read more about this trip in the Winter Issue of The Eagle Review.

A Night to Remember
To celebrate the opening of the new Performing Arts Center (PAC) at Shanghai American School, Pudong campus, all three divisions participated in a spectacular evening of jazz performances with the Charl du Plessis Trio. The evening’s performance featured singing, dancing, acting, string and band performances with over 400 students.
Thank you to SAS Pudong Digital Arts, a team of students and faculty who put this video together.

2015 Shanghai Student Film Festival
"Look Up" - a short film by Joyce Lu
Last year several of our talented students submitted their films for the 2015 Shanghai Student Film Festival. This video, “Look Up”, was created by Joyce Lu ’17 for the Public Service Announcement category and won third place! Congratulations Joyce!

Grade 9 Science Fair
On the Puxi campus, the entire class of Grade 9 students finish off their science studies with a fantastic fair.

2015 Shanghai Student Film Festival
Cat and Penguin by Mulan Fu and Vivian WangWinner of 'Best Animation' at the 2015 Shanghai student film festival.

Experimenting with water rockets!
Soda Bottle Water Rockets in Grade 6 Science

Basketball Clinic at SAS with Dave Hopla
Dave Hopla, considered to be one of the top shooters in the world, recently came to SAS to share his advice on shooting techniques with midlle school students in the Pudong Campus.

Wake Up, SAS!
Pudong Midlle School Student's Weekly Round-Up!

Happy Holidays
Faculty surprised students with some caroling. Check out the great video!

School on a Mission Day
A few days before students arrived on campus for the 2014-15 school year, the entire SAS faculty and staff came together to get the year started right -- and they were also able to help 130 people in need of a life-changing gift.