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Congratulations! Class of 2016

When we sent off our most recent 322 graduates, the class of 2016, we asked 12 of them, said “How has SAS impacted you?” Here is what they had to say.


Sarah Armstrong

“SAS has provided me with some amazing opportunities from photography trips to Iceland to local activities like helping the WILL kids. My teachers have been amazing, teaching me not only the curriculum but life lessons and I have had the chance to make the most amazing group of friends who have helped me to grow into the person I am today.”


Hailey Bauer

“SAS has impacted me in so many ways. The School has helped me to become the person I am today, and I'm so proud to call myself an Eagle. Thank you for giving me a passion for learning and the courage to truly live my dreams.”


Siddharth Chandra

“SAS has shown me the power of my perseverance. The caring and supportive community of teachers and students has allowed me to take daring risks and reach new heights.”


Eleni Chatziparaskeva

“SAS has impacted me by providing me with so many opportunities to be a part of. The School has given me the opportunity to participate in sports, challenge myself in academics, as well as being part of service opportunities to help others. All in all, the environment and opportunities that SAS has provided me with have made a well-rounded individual.”


Winnie Chen

"At SAS I was able to learn how to break away from the conventions and follow the path that I want. Instead of channeling my energy in to my academics alone, I found my calling in extra-curricular activities and to be honest, without my clubs and student council, I would not be who I am today."


Yi Chen

“SAS first showed me that opportunities are only there for those who create them. Then, as the years progressed, it showed me that joy doesn't come with constant planning, with a list of checkboxes that can be ticked off and put aside. And, in the last few months, SAS has shown me how love can come from the most unexpected avenues.”


Charles Ellison

“SAS has taught me to follow my passions. I get to do the things I enjoy and be the person who I aspire to be.”


Eri Kato

“I've met so many fascinating people here who have redefined my entire perspective of the world. I have learned to never take anything for granted.”


Joo Yun (Rosa) Kim

“SAS provided me with the opportunity to learn and develop every facet of myself, even ones that I did not know existed before. Such newfound knowledge about myself shaped me into who I am today. I have my friends I have made and the teachers that have led me through my years at SAS to thank.”


Jemma Tan

“The opportunities SAS provided have shaped my passions in life. I'm so grateful for the community of friends and teachers who have given me unwavering support for the last thirteen years.”


Sharron Wu

“SAS is a supportive and collaborative community that has allowed me to harness potential I did not even know I possessed. I have had the opportunity to hone my writing skills, delve into field of economics, express my artistic side, and much more. I would not be the person I am today without SAS!”


Bridget Wu

"SAS has provided me with limitless opportunities to develop music, science and programming skills so I could be better prepared for the courses I wish to take in college."


Victor Zhen Yu Yao

“SAS has helped me find my passion. The School provided a platform for me to experiment with different theatre styles in a supportive environment that cultivates creativity. SAS really taught me how to truly be a collaborative theatre artist.”

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