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Visual Arts

From kindergarten through high school, our rich curriculum provide students with a variety of media and techniques, and opportunities for thoughtful self-expression.  SAS continues this approach to large selection of After School Activities (ASAs), and Clubs.   

Elementary and middle school students take art classes as well as part of the curriculum and also have the opportunity to participate in after school activities focused on the arts. High School students have the opportunity to take courses in visual art, photography, ceramics, digital film making, and graphic design. There are also numerous clubs that allow students to explore their interests in the arts.

For a sampling of some of the Visual Arts activities, click the tabs below.

High School Clubs

A partial list of the Visual Arts clubs to join. 

  • Shanghai Student Film Festival
  • National Arts Society
  • WeDesign
  • Architectural Design
  • Photography
  • Drawing and Sketching
  • Japanese Anime

Elementary and Middle School ASAs

A partial list of the Visual Arts After School Activities (ASAs) to join.

  • Paper Mache
  • Scale Model Building
  • Art in the Style
  • String Art
  • Sand Painting
  • Free Art
  • Handcraft DIY
  • Photography
  • Wake Up SAS

Visual Arts Activities

Visual Arts activities include After School Activties, and Clubs