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Fine Arts Activities

The arts play a big role in the lives of SAS students — both in the classroom and extracurricular activities.

SAS is proud of its extensive arts programs, which include studio arts, drama, music, photography, and dance. Students in elementary and middle school take arts classes throughout the year with specialist teachers. SAS has beautiful, modern facilities to support the arts programs, and the school hosts many concerts, theatre productions, art exhibitions, and dance performances during the school year.

Fine Arts Activities Highlight - A.i.R Jingdezhen

AiR Jingdezhen - Shanghai American School Art Project

The A.i.R Jingdezhen, (Artist in Residence), program was designed for SAS Pudong Middle School students by art teacher, Jason Maddock in 2014. The goal of the program is for students to experience interdisciplinary learning through clay. Students leaned the science of vitrification and how heat currents work inside ancient kilns. In order to make their clay projects proportional, they learned how to determine the shrinkage rates of their projects. Their learning was documented through carefully planned and well written blog posts. The young artists gained valuable knowledge of the history, culture and clay processes unique to Jingezhen through their on-site Chinese classes that were tailored to their experiences. Taking advantage of the unique location of the program, students were able to communicate with local artisans and artists to learn new techniques for working with clay while developing their own process journals on the way to creating their clay art works.

by Sarah Digges, Art Teacher, Pudong campus

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