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Students of all ages have the opportunity to participate in a variety of clubs.

In elementary and middle school they have a variety of clubs including, girl scouts and boy scouts meeting regularly, and dance and music clubs to name a few.

In high school, students are encouraged to participate and also have a range of clubs to choose. See below for a listing of the clubs. Some of the most popular clubs involve students from both campuses and in every division, examples include: Roots and Shoots, Animal Rescue, Model United Nations, Relay for Life, Habitat for Humanity, and Eggschange.

 A full list is below.

Pudong High School Clubs

  • 30 Hour Famine Group
  • Academic Quiz Bowl Club
  • Activities Council
  • Afghans for Afghanistan
  • Animal Rescue and Support
  • APAC Forensics
  • Chess Club
  • Children's Home
  • Chinese Magazine
  • Connect the Hearts
  • Culture Club
  • Digital Art Club
  • Digital Film Making
  • Eagle Ambassadors
  • Engineering Cub
  • English Service Project
  • Fashion Club
  • French Culture & Service Club
  • Fringe Club
  • GIFTs Club
  • Giving Tree Service Club
  • GSA
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Interact Club
  • Japanese Manga & Anime
  • Junior State of America
  • Leukemia Hospital
  • Liming Service Group
  • Literary Society
  • Live Music Club
  • Math Club
  • Me to We
  • MUN
  • NAHS
  • National Honor Society
  • Operation Hope
  • Pakistan Initiative
  • Peer Tutoring
  • Poetry Club
  • Programing Club
  • Road to Recovery
  • Robotics Club
  • Roots and Shoots
  • Ropes & Rocks
  • Snaps Turtle Rescue 911
  • Social Justice
  • Social Media Club
  • Space Academy
  • Student Council
  • T1 Connection
  • Theatre Tech Club
  • Tri M Music
  • UNICEF Club
  • We Design
  • Word the Magazine
  • Yearbook Photo Club

Puxi High School Clubs

  • 2D Ditch Diggers
  • Amnesty International
  • Anime Manga Appreciation
  • APAC Forensics
  • Architectural Design Club
  • Athletic Council
  • Botany Research
  • Care and Share
  • Chess Club
  • China Cup Forensics
  • Community Service
  • Computer Assembly Club
  • Computer Programming
  • Confectionery Literary Magazine
  • Digital Community
  • EggsChange Project
  • Electronic Arts
  • Enterpreneur Club
  • ES Tutoring
  • Executive Council
  • Fantasy Sport
  • Film Club
  • Food Appreciation
  • Food for Thought
  • Footprints
  • Friends of Sizhao
  • Gay/Straight Alliance (GSA)
  • GIN Global Issue Network
  • Gr 10 Class Council
  • Gr 11 Class Council
  • Gr 12 Class Council
  • Gr 9 Class Council
  • Habitat Club
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Heart to Heart
  • Hope Well Project
  • HS Math Peer Tutoring Club
  • InspiRED (Red Laces)
  • Installation Art Club

  • International Mock Council
  • International Youth Rights Organization
  • Ka Pop Dance
  • La-Mode Fashion Design
  • Library Project
  • Make a Child Smile
  • Math Contest
  • Math Honor Society (Mu Alpha Theta)
  • Medical Club
  • Model United Nations (MUN)
  • MUN JV
  • National Arts Honors Society
  • National History Club
  • National Honors Society
  • Newspaper Club
  • Phenomenal Women
  • Photography Club
  • Preparation for SAT Mathematics
  • Prom Committee
  • Regional Science Magazine
  • Robotics Club
  • Roots and Shoots
  • SAS Business Club
  • SAS Pilates
  • Science Fair Club
  • Social Responsibility Foundation (SFR)
  • Socratic Club
  • Stay a While
  • Sustainability Club
  • Teens Act for Aids
  • Theatre Tech Club
  • Thespian Society
  • Tri-M Music Honor Society
  • Web4me
  • Wokai
  • Writing Center Peer Tutoring
  • Youthink Mentor

Clubs Highlights

SAS Pudong Brings Home Silver

Hello! My name is Stina. I am a 7th grade student at SAS (Shanghai American School) Pudong! This is my 8th year in the Girl Scout program. This year I will be completing my Silver Award. My project is to develop a H.E.L.P (Handy English Language Program) program to promote English learning by using fun and interesting methods, like games! I believe learning a foreign language is a lifelong benefit. Not only does it open you up to different cultures, it also is a valuable tool when getting a job in the future. Studies show that learning a second language improves the function of the brain in many ways such as negotiating and problem solving. After my visits when I will teach the students and teachers how to use the H.E.L.P Program, I believe they will be able to continue playing with it. Furthermore, helping the children at the orphanage significantly improve their possibilities of having a better life!

Our 6th grade Cadette troop focused on leadership skills this year and all 9 of us earned the Silver Torch Award. We took turns leading troop openings, activities, and friendship circles while we worked through the Amaze Journey, the first requirement for the Silver Torch Award. We continued to focus on leadership skills after the journey by dividing into groups and having each group lead our entire troop in earning an epic badge. We also all served on the SAS GS Carnival Committee (the second requirement for the Silver Torch Award). We planned, organized, decorated, scheduled, and supervised a GS booth at our school carnival. Many of us have taken on other leadership roles at SAS this year such as Eagle Ambassadors (planning and organizing MYG nights), Poet Society Members (planning and organizing visiting poets at SAS), and more. The leadership skills we developed in Girl Scouts are empowering us to be better leaders in all aspects of our lives. Girl Scouts Rock!

The WILL to Succeed

As a longtime competitive swimmer, I’ve never given a second thought to getting in the pool (except perhaps to express reluctance when my coach is yelling at me to do so). So when eight excited little boys that have never swam scrambled to the edge of the SAS Pudong pool, I was instantly touched and humbled. The way they fearlessly approached something they had never experienced before was remarkable. They accepted new challenges, took risks, and were eager to push themselves to an extent that I’d never seen before.

These extraordinary boys arrived from the WILL (Walk Into Life and Learn) Foundation, a charitable non-profit organization that aims to create a sustainable and self-sufficient eco-learning center for disadvantaged children. WILL believes that every child is a gift to the community. The foundation provides resources needed for the boys (many with physical disabilities) to thrive.

This semester, Marney Rosen, Pudong campus high school English/French teacher, partnered with the WILL Foundation, the Pudong Aquatics Center coaches, and students from the swim team, to give the WILL boys a chance to experience swimming for the first time.

It was a remarkable sight: coaches and student volunteers armed with noodles, kick boards, and life jackets, guiding these giggling boys through the water. Within minutes, life jackets were abandoned and the astonishing bravery of these boys became clear. These boys encountered the water with ease and allowed their curi­osity and confidence to drive them to push their limits.

I will never forget the moment I told Hao Hao, the little boy I was helping, that there were only five minutes left in our session. Instead of being disappointed, he exclaimed with happiness in Chinese, “Wow, I get another whole five minutes?” His attitude is representative of all the WILL children; their perspective on life is something that I believe everyone should have.

For more information about the WILL Foundation, visit

by Carina Seah, Grade 11, Pudong Campus