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Varsity and Junior Varsity

Our student athletes participate in the Asia Pacific Activities Conference (APAC), and the Shanghai International Schools Activities Conference (SISAC), as well as a number of local and international tournaments.

The athletic calendar is divided into three competitive sports seasons. Junior varsity and varsity athletic teams are organized for both boys and girls.

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Season 1 (August 17 - October 22)

  • Baseball
  • Rugby
  • Super Tennis
  • Super Boys Volleyball
  • Super Girls Volleyball
  • Cross Country

Season 2 (October 23 - February 4)

  • Basketball
  • Swimming
  • Table Tennis
  • Forensics

Season 3 (February 5 - April 22)

  • Badminton
  • Softball
  • Track & Field
  • Soccer

Varsity Highlights

SAS Pudong Girls Wins APAC Basketball

This year the SAS girl’s Varsity Basketball team was very young, consisting of two freshmen, six sophomores, three juniors and one senior, with half of the players new to the team. The season had a bit of a rough start, losing two out of three games during Shanghai Cup. But those losses only motivated us and made the team all the more determined not to lose any more games. And for the rest of the season, we won all of our SISAC games, our only loses coming in the finals of the Tri-Cities tournament and Great Wall Shootout. We went into APAC on a high, after winning the SISAC tournament for the second year in a row. After winning the first four round robin games, AISG beat us in the final preliminary match. This loss really fired us up, for we were playing them again in the championship game. With a new game plan, we went into the finals spurred to play harder than we ever had this season. We left everything out on the court, and with a combination of quick and aggressive guards, tenacious and physical forwards, and a strong and supporting bench, SAS Pudong won the APAC Championship in basketball for the first time in SAS PD history. It was a perfect end to the season, and we’d like to thank our Coaches, parents and the boy’s team for their support throughout.

by Haley Beebe, Senior at SAS Pudong

Over 60 APAC 1st place championships and seven APAC Sportsmanship awards have been won between our two campus.

2016-2017 APAC Championships

  • APAC Girls Rugby
  • APAC Boys Volleyball
  • APAC Boys Table Tennis
  • APAC Girls Table Tennis
  • APAC Boys Basketball
  • APAC Girls Basketball
  • APAC Forensics
  • APAC Girls Badminton
  • APAC Boys Badminton
  • APAC Girls Track